How to look handsome?

Everyone wants to be handsome in this world they want to be better than others, but not every person is handsome, fair by birth.

No one is perfect in this world, everyone lacks somethings or some qualities, they may be short, tall, thin, fat, dark skins and etc.

There are many ways to fulfill these lacking qualities in us by doing regular exercise, maintaining a diet and there are many more things to do for looking handsome. looking handsome as is not difficult as you guys are thinking. So, don’t worry guys I am here to guide you, to look handsome. 1.

Regular exercise.

There are too many regular exercises to look handsome like swimming, running, walking yoga. Regular exercise will help you to build your muscles and for a glow of your skin color.
The regular exercise you can perform at the gym and you can also work out at your home. workout at least for 1–2 hours in a day you can also do yoga at your home-like “kapalbhati,anilom vilom” and many more.
This workout helps you to maintain your body and look handsome, in the same way, it helps you to look good and makes peoples attract towards you and even you can feel the difference after regular will change you physically as well as mentally.

2. Maintain Diet.

A balanced diet plays a major role in your life to keep you physically healthy and mentally strong. A well-balanced diet provides you all vitamins, minerals, nutrients, carbohydrates, nutrients, fats, lipids to keep your body and mind strong and healthy. A balanced diet is mandatory for each person for maintaining their fitness goals.
it provides you energy to allow better sleep and improves your brain activity. The body weight can also be controlled by a balanced diet and it kills the germs present in the stomach and intestine and also fights from foreign particles.
It keeps your body strong and healthy as well as helps you to look good and handsome.
Every person should follow the diet for all these benefits.

Nowadays perfect haircut has become the most important for every person to look good. No matter hows your face a perfect haircut makes you look handsome and attracts peoples towards you. The hairs get silky, soft, smooth by washing them regularly and it increases the confidence of a person.
Having good & thick hairs covers your head and they protect your skin. The man should have a perfect haircut according to there face cut & even they should follow the trend of hairstyles, hairstyle became a modern trend for men.
The man can get a different type of haircut according to their face cut and which suits them, it increases the beauty men and makes them feel confident. By shampooing and applying oil to your hair causes less hair fall and makes them strong.
There are many hair conditioners and gels which make your hair stand perfectly by which the man looks so sexy and it attracts many females towards you. so, for man, the perfect haircut is necessary in order to look good.

4. Take care of the Beard.

How to grow the perfect beard?

The perfect and good looking beard is not easy to grow, growing beard is easy but maintaining and trimming the beard in a perfect manner it is not easy because of so many different types of beard.

If you guys are not having bread so don’t worry be patient the beard will take some time to grow so don’t start trimming and shaving.

Apply beard oil can also help you to grow your beard perfectly, comb your beard it necessary to look good and handsome trim your beard always a little first because you can trim more according to your choice if you were not satisfied with this.

Don’t shave your beard always trim because trimming helps to grow your beard smoothly and good looking.

Having the beard on your face you look handsome and attractive, taking care of the perfect beard you can impress a girl nowadays many girls like a beard.

So guys take care of your beard to look more handsome and attractive.

5. Take care of your skin.

The human body is totally covered by the skin from top to bottom and it is one of the sense organs of our body. so, Protecting our skin is very important to look good and the skin gets dark by sunlight, ultra-violet rays, and dust particles.
There are many ways to protect our skin from the sun’s rays, UV rays and etc i.e, covering our skin, by applying different types of creams to our skin.
Remove the unwanted hairs which grow on your skin with the help of creams, trimmer and hair remover. maintain a balanced diet and do regular exercise it helps to keep your skin soft, smooth and moist. In the diet have milk products which help you to become fair as well as it increases the beauty of men which gives them a strong feeling. Regular exercise glows your skin color and it does not allow your skin to hang loosely and avoid wrinkles. So, every person takes care of their skin to look handsome.

6. Remove unwanted hairs.

The human body is almost covered by hairs, except the palm and lips. The men have more hairs when compared to females on their bodies at certain regions like on the face, back, hands, legs and from chest to abdomen. so, these unwanted hairs cause itching and make the area dark.
These hairs should be removed by trimming, waxing and can be removed by some hair removal creams. By removing these unwanted hairs makes a person’s body look good, attractive and sexy.
It makes the person feel good, confident and makes them handsome which attracts the other person towards them and you can make a good impression in front of others. So, dear guys don’t be lazy to remove these unwanted hairs from your body.

7. Smile.

smile has many benefits on our body, brain, and people around us, it makes peoples think positive and increases their confidence level. Teeth, face, and lips are the important parts of the body to give a good smile, brushing your teeth twice a day and washing your face regularly and having bananas makes you smile to look good.

A smile gives you many benefits and releases hormones by which the person mood swings towards positive by which they can make up in each and every field. The respect for the person increases in the society and they can be an inspiration for the person those who are in depression, stress, tension, love failure, breakups and suffered a lot from bad conditions.
So, the smile is the first thing which every person should have on their face and it makes them look good, better, perfect and handsome by which you can also steal everyone’s heart.

8.cut your nails properly.

Cutting & trimming your fingernails and toenails in a proper way, it’s very important because once they grow means they may become sharp and dangerous. Which may harbor dirt, germs and there is a chance of having an infection.

Fingernails should be kept short and keep the nails clean and proper with soap and water. while cutting your nails make small cuts of nails and clean the nails cutting tool before using it, cut your nails with nail cutting tools only avoid biting or chewing nails it is very harmful to you guys.

Having a good smile and a good look it’s not enough, many people judge you on your nails. By cutting the nails properly you guys can impress guys cut your & nails to look handsome.

Clothing can be a real challenge for most guys and, having a dressing sense is the most important thing in our life. The man should dress according to their personality and the events which they attain.
In this world, the man gets more respect when they have a good dressing and they can steal everyone’s heart when you attain any event you have to dress according to the type of parties, functions and etc because your dressing will be noticed by everyone.

Those days are gone when a man wears a suit & tie at every event.

so, guys. I am going to share some tips on how to wear and what to wear.

* Make sure what type of clothes you are wearing should be clean & ironed properly, wearing clean ironed clothes will give you a look of a gentleman and shows your discipline.

*Tailoring your clothes is the secret weapon of men to look handsome because it fits your personality perfectly and gives you a good look.

*Along with the good clothes the accessories play a major role because they highlight you make your personality attractive.

So guys choose good clothes to look handsome and attractive.

1o.Tuck &roll.

Guys always choose clothes according to your personality because when you wear you should look attractive and its time to know how to wear it with style.

Tucking your shirt makes you more handsome and attractive than others, it gives a message that you care about your self and it shows the discipline of the person.

Rolling up your sleeves meanwhile, make you look soo sexy, which every guy wants, to attract their girlfriends. when you roll up your sleeves you feel relaxed and comfortable.

When you Tuck in the shirt and roll up your sleeves you look more handsome and feel confident, you guys can impress anyone.

So, guys tuck in the shirt and roll up your sleeves to look more handsome and attractive.

11. Shine your shoes.

If you want to look handsome, then you need to make sure your look is good all the way from head to toe.

Make sure when you move out of your home you should look good, along with the dressing the shoes are also important. The man should wear shoes according to the type of dressing and which suits them.
The shoes may be of many types like formal, sports, casual, sneakers, funky and many more. choose your shoes according to the size of your legs, the right pair of shoes can make you look good and handsome.
when you wear any shoe make sure the shoe should be comfortable when you walk or move out. So, guys select the best shoes according to you and shine your shoes to look handsome and attractive.


Along with the dressing, the accessories play a very important role in our lifestyle, and accessories are of many types like the watch, goggles, hand band, cap, chains, belts, tie, bowtie, shoe, gadgets and etc.

The accessories should be used according to the type of dressing because they make you look good attractive and increase the standard of men.

The belt should be used when you tuck in your shirt, the goggles should be used according to the types of events dressing and your face cut, the tie or bowtie should be wear on the suits and blazers.

So, guys use accessories in your life to look good and handsome.

13. Mentally fit.

Guys don’t be depressed if you are not handsome the tips which I have given try it once definitely they will make you look handsome and attractive.

When you move out first, you should be mentally fit which does not affect your mind when someone says you anything bad about you or insults you for your look, always think positive that you are not less than any other person, it increases your confidence level and raises your standard.

Even if we’re handsome but not mentally fit its useless because first, you should be mentally fit and active.

So, guys first use your brain and always think positive to look good, attractive and handsome.

I hope it helps you to look good and handsome in this world and thank you so much for reading.


Mostly people spending a lot of money to look handsome but they do not look handsome.

Following some of these tips, you guys definitely look Handsome,

so guys follow these tips to look handsome.

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